1. Prologue


    You know that place bettween sleep and awake?

    The place where you can still remember dreaming?

    Thats where I’ll always love you.

    Thats where I’ll be waiting.

    - Peter Pan



    He slowly breathed out, brushing his face on her cheek. Inhaling her intoxicating sent; like cinnamon, but different. There was just something he couldn’t place about the smell that drew him in, and instantly set his heart racing, pounding in his chest looking for and escape from its cage.

    Kissing her fully on the mouth, he apprehensively moved on top of her waiting for her to give him a signal to stop. But there was no signal, he let his hands wander down her full thighs, over those beautifully irresistible hips that made her impossible not to find attractive, now back up to her soft warm belly and further to her full breast. For the first time he realized they were both naked, not that he minded, he just couldn’t remember removing anything.

    He let his body press into her, instinct quickly taking over, he couldn’t understand why he wasn’t turning. He could feel his heart beat going out of control, but he wasn’t going to question it. She let out a longing sigh and invited him in with her whole being. Finally he worked up the nerve to go further. He cautiously brought some of his weight off her and slid his hand between her legs.

    “Please…” she moaned, sure of herself. Taking that as a green light he started fingering her. A little unsure of himself at first he went slow, she let out a soft moan, he was happy he wasn’t a total screw up.

    “Hmmmm….Derek..”, she said slowly, letting the moment last. He added another finger and went deeper, at this she couldn’t take it, she let out another, louder moan that drove him crazy. He wanted her so bad, so bad he couldn’t take it. He felt like his whole body was going to explode, everything he was experiencing was so intense.

    And then like a train wrecking into the most perfect moment, he could feel it happening even if he wanted to stop it now, he couldn’t. He would ruin everything. “No!”, he thought, “no, no, no!” But he couldn’t stop it even if it was too soon.

    “Deeeeeeeerek!!!!! Its time for school get up you sleepy teenager!!” He sprang up in his bed, dazed and a little confused he looked around.

    “Damn it!”, he whispered so his mom couldn’t here. As he collected his now dirty sheets he thought about that girl in his dream. He wondered just who she was. He’d never met anyone like her, but he wanted to, God she was hot.

    He put his sheets and his boxers in his hamper, grabbed a towel, and headed for the bathroom to shower. He stood in the water, letting it flow down around his shoulders, over his body. Still longing for his dream, he was having a hard time trying to hurry. He hoped he could get a girl like that one day. It was hard for him to imagine someone like that being into him.




    Marie rolled over and pressed the snooze button for the third time this morning.

    “Ok, gotta get up….” she thought in her dreamy haze. “Don’t want to look too shabby on my first day, I guess.” She slowly rolled out from under her warm pile of blankets into a chilly room she had all to her self. She managed to turn on her lamp and grab her favorite pair of skinny jeans.

    She struggled a little and finally wiggled into them. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at her self long and hard. She wasn’t exactly what you would describe as…slender. She has always been bigger, but it was only in the last couple of years that it started getting attention. She decided to wear her red T-shirt from Joe’s Crab Shack. She had never been one for dressing up; she would every now and again, but she loved comfy T-shirts.

    She stuck her head out from her bedroom and reached across the hall to knock on her sisters door.

    “Knock knock!” She yelled as she banged on the door, “get up!”

    “Uhhh! No…”

    “Ok, whatever, you can deal with mom.”

    “Fine, I will.”

    Marie went in to the bathroom to brush her teeth and was followed by her sister Lauren.

    “Leave…” Lauren said sleepily.

    “Mo.” Grumbled Marie with a mouth full of toothpaste. “I’w be gun in a menute.”


    “Are you riding the bus, or going with me and mom?” She asked as she spat out the remaining toothpaste.

    “I don’t know, the bus I guess. I want to get to know everybody.” Marie had never known why her sister cared about meeting people. It wasn’t like she didn’t want friends, she just liked to let them come to her. She’d much rather read.

    She walked into the kitchen and made herself waffles, “hmmm, those smell good.” She thought as she got into the fridge to get some milk. Her mom quickly walked out of her room and grabbed her purse. Pop! Her waffles were ready and she was starving.

    “Alright I’m getting in the car, come on.”

    “Ok.” She answered as she grabbed her breakfast and her practically empty back pack. She slid into her moms car and buckled. “Hey mom, can I have some money for lunch, I almost forgot.”

    “Ya, sure, are you excited for your first day?” She asked as she rummaged in her purse for that five she left in there.

    “No.” Marie grumbled. “I’m so scared mom.”

    “It will be ok, don’t worry, ok?”

    “I’ll always worry mom.” Marie joked, as they pulled up to the school. It looked smaller then she thought it would be, but she didn’t mind, not really. She opened the door as the car came to a stop and smiled back at her mom. “Bye, Mommy!”

    “Bye, love you!”

    She felt herself panicking as she walked toward the front doors. “Breath, just breath, it will be ok.” She reassured herself. “Here we go.”



    He knew the size of his house was kind of odd for the location but it had been in his family for years, but he loved it. He loved the view from his window on the second floor, he loved the way the old wood spelled in the spring, he even loved the way he could hear his family laughing on Saturday mornings down stairs.

    His dad and his brothers had grown up in this house, and when his grandparents died ten years ago his grandfather left his dad with the house and the responsibilities of being the Alfa. Wanting to keep as close as he could to his roots he decided to stay. He also invited his younger brothers Daniel and Peter to move in, they would have had the room, but his uncle Danny decided to stay where he was.

    When Derek finished getting ready he grabbed his bag and made his way down stairs. He could already hear his mom and younger sister fighting.

    “ Why cant I take the car mom?!” Tess whined.

    “I already told you Derek needs it to pick up the kids after school today, I’m going out of town for a couple of hours with your aunt Jane and uncle Peter.” Their mom replied, she was making waffles’ for his cousins Chloe, Ann, and Alex.

    “But mom I just got my license, please! Derek cant you used Peters car?” Tess eyed Derek hoping big brother would cave and side with her.

    “He can’t take Peters car, Peter is meeting us there and Jane’s Volvo is being worked on, I’m sorry Tess I can’t help. You’re going to just have to let me drop you off and take the bus home, or you can ride with your brother.” She said in a smug voice.

    “Tess, just get over it and get in the car! Everybody, everybody in the car.” Derek yelled from the porch. He hopped down the stairs and over to the minivan he’s stuck driving today. Everyone piled in and they were on their way to elementary school and junior high.

    He was in a especially good mood today, the full moon wouldn’t be here for another two weeks. It was something that he learned to control, but it was still a nuisance. He knew he was lucky, he heard from his father that the ones bitten had a much harder time controlling it. For him it was like an inherited skill, for others it was a curse. Of course not everyone in the family was a werewolf, there were a few that never turned, but he personally enjoyed freedom, and the fact that he never felt weak, or scared.

    He pulled into the parking lot and looked at Tess in the front seat. “What’s wrong with you? Its not that big a deal is it?”

    “No, I guess its not, I just wanted to drive to school cuz I got my license over the Christmas break.”, she said as sheepishly looked at Derek.

    “So you wanted to show off, uh?”

    “Ya, so what? Didn’t you!” They got out of the car and made their way to the school.

    “Whatever Tess, I was just teasing, take a pill. Meet me back at the car after school ok?”

    “Ok, I’ll call you if I’m going to ride with Dylan, bye.”


    He suddenly felt nervous, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise and he has chills all down his back. Instinctively he went into defense mode, he quickly turned around just in time to bump into a tall, blonde girl he didn’t recognize.